Artist Statement

 My work & plastics

My work is about recreating stories in artificial places. I use plastic objects in my images to create unexpected relationships between the object and its surroundings. I distort objects to create spaces, textures.

My work unfolds from the notion of childhood, related to memory and the idealization of remembrances.

I use plastic in my work as the material that promises the ephemeral paradise, the disposable happiness, plastic as the passage to the empty and uncertain future, to disposable perfection and artificial life; to simulate stories as a reflection of my memories as a kid, to enact fantasies, as a statement about the bubble wrap society I live in, the disposable culture, the loss of sensibility and the embrace of plastics as the cool material of our emptiness.

My father had a plastic factory that made strawberries baskets, kitchen plastic bags and clear vegetable bags I grew up going to that factory on the weekends in Culiacan, Mexico. I grew up seeing and playing with the drippings of plastic and the mix of colors of the melting residues. When I started producing art I felt immediately a fascination with plastic like the missing piece of that lost childhood that will reconnect me with that time. I often explore and work on childhood stories and try to tell them with an adult meaning or interpretation.


*Regio Landscape Series

Regio Landscape is a series of work that makes a statement about visual contamination, mass publicity, and billboards that we see across my country (Mexico) blending with the landscape. They are part of a competition of massive and grotesque scale marketing to promote products and brands, and show who are the big companies. The kitsch look that enhances visual references of pop art, urban culture and massive production add a certain beauty recognizable in a lot of Latin American countries. I take these images, these landscapes and manipulate and transform them not only as nostalgia but also, as intent to beautify the already contaminated landscape of northern Mexico.


*Regio means from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in the north of Mexico. (It is like Washingtonian or New Yorker).


Candy Wrappers

The project consists of a series of images inspired by candy wrappers, I will use gum wrappers packages, boxes, and candy trays, as objects, backgrounds and inspiration to generate colorful spaces, and multilayer images that recreate stories and fantasies.  I am interested in raising the question of recycling as well with this material, If I use a material that is trash, or was meant to be trash, and I use it as an object in an image, am I recycling?

I am also very drawn to pop culture, by the colors, the materials, the versatility of the imagery and I think that by using everyday objects, images are know codes and the public feels more identified and close to the images.



My recent sculptural work is a new exploration on my art that I began developing related to human relationships and couples relationships after going trough divorce. Taking childhood toys and transforming them on an adult context, with words and demands that only an adult could understand what they mean and what it means in their own relationships sometimes leaving loves destiny to chance.


Irene Clouthier